The Ferrarin Group was founded  40 years ago, in Palmeira das Missões (Brazil). Our growth was marked by ethic, what allowed for innovation, solidity and credibility. Each company founded had the intention to serve every need at stage of the crop, from the seed to the sales of the final products. That’s why we are one of the biggest groups in Brazilian Agribusiness, with lots of different businesses.



Mission: To offer sustainable solutions for the agribusiness, from the seed to the sales of the final products.

Vision: Being recognized as the best agribusiness and commerce group, growing in a sustainable way, focusing in innovative products and services, developing partnerships and, throughout teamwork, ensuring our customers, shareholders, company employees, providers, community and society’s success.


We store grains, resell pesticides, seeds and fertilizers in both wholesale and retail. We act in the exchange, sales and exportat of grains and we offer technical specialized assistance to our clients. We are a New Holland dealership in 11 regions of the country, reselling machines, parts and services. Beyond that, our financial company is a pioneer in the state of Rio Grande do Sul in offering credit solutions, financing and investment opportunities in the industry, specially developed for the agribusiness. We dedicate ourselves to food production (agriculture and beef cattle) in our four farms in Mato Grosso, acting directly in food production.


From our history we collect examples to sow in the future. See the evolution of our business:

  • 1981
    Beginning of the activities of Agropecuária Palmeira, (4 farms of MT)
  • 1973
    Inducalca Foundation, focusing on receiving, storage of grains and limestone trade.
  • 1977
    Agrofel Foundation Agricultural Products Trade, resale of fertilizers, seeds and pesticides.